Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides the frequently asked (construction-related) questions by our clients. If you have other questions, please contact us.

Last updated: October 2015

How long does a construction usually take?
It depends on the area and the finish chosen by the client. Example: Elegant and high end finish would require longer time to finish. For reference, a house with an area of 100 sqm can be completed in 5 months to 6 months (weather and other factors not yet considered).
What are the construction requirements?
Transfer certificate of title (certified copy if available).
What materials are used in the construction?
Exterior walls uses 6 inches CHB and interior walls uses 4 inches CHB. Roof frames are made of steel while the ceiling/interior is made of gypsum board and the ceiling/exterior is made of hardiflex. For the flooring at the ground, we use 60×60 granite while the second floor uses laminated flooring elegant finish and high end finish only). Other materials to be are indicated in the Memorandum of Agreement.
Can I provide my own architectural design?
Yes, we allow our clients to use their own plan.
Do you accept renovation projects?
Currently, we do not accept renovation projects.
Do you charge a fee for site inspection?
We do not charge any fee for site inspection, but before you set a schedule, it would be best if you contact us so we can pre-qualify your property and the thorough aspect of the project can be discussed.
Is there a minimum required lot area or floor area?
The minimum required floor area is 100 sqm.
Can I make design alterations in the middle of the construction?
Yes, alteration or modifications are allowed before or during construction which should be discussed and approved by both parties under a revised or additional contract.
Can I provide my own materials for the construction?
As much as possible, we only entertain projects involving both labor and materials. In our past experience, having no control in the delivery of materials affects the systematic flow of our work, the turnover time and overall quality.
What is the average cost or rate of a house construction?
The average rate is P26,000 per sqm (for a standard design) up to P30,000 per sqm (for an elegant design) depending on the location of the lot and other external factors. (As of 02/2016. For a more updated rate, please contact us)
What are the accepted financing options available?
We recommend cash payment or bank financing.
Do you offer a payment scheme?
We require a 30% downpayment. The balance is payable on an installment basis depending on the number of months the construction will be completed.
Are the permits included in the total construction cost?
Yes, all the permits are included in the total construction cost. Additional fees will be discussed further prior to finalization.
What other fees are required upon starting the construction project?
We require an initial P75,000 to P100,000 payment to cover the actual expenses for the preparation of plans and permit.
What common problems or issues are encountered during the construction?
The most common problems are the weather conditions, adjoining property owners, and delays in deliveries. This will all be taken care of by Loza Builders Design and Construction.
Does the construction come with a warranty?
Do you accept projects outside Metro Manila?
For now, we only consider projects within Metro Manila. Depending on the total area to be constructed, we may also consider Bulacan, Laguna, Taytay, Antipolo, Rizal and other nearby cities and municipalities.
Can you construct a house even if I'm not in the Philippines?
Yes, it is possible. Plans can be emailed but it would be best if you have somebody to check the actual site progress from time to time or maybe check the possible modification.
Why should I choose Loza Builders Design and Construction?
We require and highly recommend our potential clients to visit our existing work (construction projects and real estate development projects) prior to finalization of contract. This way, clients will be able to examine the materials as well as the quality of work we offer. We also encourage our clients to communicate with owners of our previous projects to show our honesty, client satisfaction and to boast the quality of work.